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My background in cars began at a young age when I worked with my stepfather in in his shop. The shop wasn't much. The garage at home, some second hand equipment, and a loud radio, but what I got from it couldn't be bought and couldn't be sold. I learned the value of every automobile. I learned how the right care and knowledge could extend the life and performance of any car or truck. I also learned the reward of hard work and earning my keep; invaluable lessons as a young man. I also experienced firsthand the gratitude people expressed to my stepfather. People who needed solutions to get their cars repaired as quickly as possible without costing an arm and a leg and how much they appreciated the work he performed. And I also experienced the warm feeling my step father felt every time he delivered a repaired vehicle to someone who couldn't afford a new one. These have proven invaluable experiences time and time again. Lesson's I'll keep for the rest of my life.

With this knowledge supporting me, I decided to pursue a degree in auto repair graduating from Fox Valley Technical College where I learned some of the most advanced auto repair work and computer diagnostics available. After earning my degree I went on to work at several different auto shops but as time went on, I felt dissatisfied. And frustrated. I felt all of the lessons and values I had learned working with my stepfather got lost in big dealerships. Too much concern about the bottom dollar, too much concern about how to make the most money, and not enough concern (in my opinion) about letting customers experience the values I learned. With this motivation behind me, I decided to open up my own shop and in 2010, Honest Guys Auto LLC was created.

Here at Honest Guys Auto, it's not the biggest shop, it's not a huge dealership, but what you can count in is personable, affordable, and honest interactions with every transaction. I'm committed to honoring my stepfather and the values he taught me and to bringing these values into every customer experience. This honesty is who I am. Honest Guy. And this honesty goes into everything I do including my business's motto, "No BS, No Lies, Take it to Honest Guys."

It may sound a little rough around the edges but its straightforward, honest truth. People work hard for their money and they deserve to know what they are paying for. Here at Honest Guy's Auto you'll get all that and more. From a simple phone call to ask questions, to a quick oil change, to putting in a new engine, I'm here for you and your auto needs. And I'd like to be the mechanic for your vehicle's solutions.

Guy Grenfell
Owner & Founder

Honest Guys Auto LLC

Got questions? Call Guy at (920) 560-1892!

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