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Looking for a mechanic you can trust? Look no further!

Tired of taking your car to the dealership only to have it diagnosed with a ton of "problems" and a future bill of $1,000's + when all you thought you were doing was taking it in for an oil change? Tired of taking it to these independent shops only to make your problems worse? Look no further! Here at Honest Guys Auto we'll take care of you!

Car problems? Need new tires? Oil change? At Honest Guys Auto we do all that and more. Everything from an oil change to complete engines, we can get your car back and running in no time!

Have questions? Call Guy at (920) 560-1892!

        Honest Guys Auto LLC vs other auto shops

    I am an ASE Master Technician with over 10 years of in the field experience. I fix all domestic brands and all Asian brands. I do anything from oil changes to complete engines.  

    I believe in fixing cars not just throwing parts at it. Far too many guys in this business get in the habit of just throwing parts at a problem until its fixed. Yes sometimes you run into a vehicle that leaves you no choice but to take an educated guess but that is when you have exhausted all your resources. I don't do things like this unless the customer understands the situation and is ok with it too. There is no reason to hide anything from you the customer and I am always upfront and honest about your cars problem and what its going to take to fix it!


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